Victor Pisante Rape Investigation
Victor Pisante Rape Investigation

Victor Pisante – Gang
Rape Court Case Bribery Scandal

Victor Pisante, the embattled Greek business tycoon who is currently under investigation for money laundering and tax evasion, has now been implicated in assisting two business associates both of whom were arrested and charged for rape in Thessaloniki Greece after a New Year’s Eve party at a luxury hotel there in January 2022.

Brothers Vassilis and Evagoras Leventis, two of three men who were charged in the case, are scions of the Leventis – David group, a mega family business empire whose holdings include Coca-Cola Greece.  The Leventis family is also a large investor in Blue House Capital Hellas SA, a well-known European financial investment firm that was founded and is controlled by Victor Pisante.

According to a senior investigator speaking on condition of anonymity from Greece’s National International Service ‘NIS’ (the Greek counterpart to the American FBI), Victor Pisante allegedly “conspired with and bribed certain officials in Thessaloniki’s prosecutors’ office to have the charges in the case dismissed”.  The senior investigator claimed the case is still under investigation after multiple whistle blowers came forward.

This rape case (in which the accused allegedly used a ‘date rape drug’ against the victim) made national headlines in Greece earlier this year that galvanized the local Greek chapter of the #METOO movement.

Victor Pisante Leventis Family Gang Rape Allegations

The alleged victim, Georgia Bika, testified at the criminal trial against Vassilis and Evagoras Leventis.  Both accused her of lying to the Thessaloniki court.  Ultimately, the defendants were cleared of all gang rape charges which caused an uproar with Greek women rights groups.

Last month Ms. Bika and her attorney appealed to the Greek Supreme court with demands to have a new trial against the alleged assailants.

The senior official at the Greek NIS further stated that “In addition to a severe mishandling of case evidence, we found additional unacceptable investigative flaws carried out by the local police in Thessaloniki.  Thus far, 2 policemen are under review.  But more troubling, newer suspicions of bribes paid out by Victor Pisnate require a full investigation”.

Indeed, this rape case is bizarre, especially with police being accused of being paid to intentionally skew evidence on behalf Victor Pisante’s business associates.  The bumbling investigation of Georgia Bika’s rape is so shocking that it immediately raised suspicions that Thessaloniki’s prosecutors and law enforcement officers are either completely inept or were paid off to ‘throw’ the case.

For example, samples of Ms. Bika’s toxicology report were sent to multiple laboratories in both France and Switzerland refuted conclusions made by the Greek authorities and judiciary involved in the case.

Vassilis Leventis admitted to having sex with Ms. Bika, yet claimed it was consensual and that no ‘Date Rape’ drug was ever given to her. But the Toxicology tests of Ms. Bika’s blood conducted by the French laboratory “shows beyond a doubt that Georgia Bika was neither able to resist a non-consensual sexual act, and thus had no ability to react in her body at the relevant time period of her brutal rape due to the extremely high concentration of alcohol”.

Local women rights bloggers in Greece, supported by the #METOO movement have revealed highly disturbing details about the mishandling of Georgia Bika’s case by Thessaloniki Police. Most damning however are the following two facts proving that the police did not follow standard protocols in rape case procedures that was published by a Greek woman rights group:

  1. “Georgia Bika had to wait for three whole days until she was examined by the medical examiner – and we quite rightly assume that during these days she had to remain unbathed after the rape”.
  2. “Georgia Bika reported the incident to the police the morning after it happened. The prosecutor and the investigative magistrate met with her only on the 14th day of the month -. That is roughly two weeks after”. Thessaloniki Police

It’s obvious that the police completely botched this case. The notion that Victor Pisante could have bribed local prosecutors in Thessaloniki to the advantage of Vassilis and Evagoras Leventis is now gaining credibility.  This could be a liability for Mr. Pisante, especially as Georgia Bika continues to advocate her case, with much popular support by Greece’s women’s groups and local media.

Men like Victor Pisante and the Leventis brothers are infamously wealthy and have strong financial interests to protect each other.  Mr. Pisante, who in addition to Blue House Capital owns SIDMA Steel SA, the Telesis Group and a string of other corporations, cannot afford to have the reputations of his main investors smeared.

The Greek legal system has been extremely tarnished by the Georgia Bika scandal especially in this era of #METOO.  Revelations over the past week about multiple child abuse and rape cases in Greece has shocked all cross sections of Mediterranean society and added a sense of urgency to Ms. Bika’s case.

The financial, legal, and political damage against Victor Pisante will be immense if the ongoing investigation proves that he had any part in helping Vassilis and Evagoras Leventis escape justice on rape charges.

Coupled with the other investigations of money laundering and tax evasion against Mr. Pisante, it’s nearly a certainty that his shareholders in Blue House Capital Hellas SA (and his other companies) are now waiting in nervous anticipation for the results of both investigations.


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Victor Pisante Gang Rape Investigation



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